Posters sessions and competition

The organisers intend to give a high rank for this part of the conference. Each poster should be in two versions, digital (with the localisation of the poster stand) and printed (with QR code to access the digital copy). Both copies should contain information about the author, with a contact data (phone, email, Skype). Digital version would be accessible for all participants of the conference, a dedicated mobile application will make it possible to comment all the posters and vote for them. There will be prizes for the winners. Each day’s agenda will include two poster sessions, the first one in the conference rooms with IT support and short (5 minutes) presentations without discussion (5.15‒6.15 pm), and the second in the poster hall, where authors will be requested to stand near their posters. Printed versions will be exhibited for two days in the main hall of the Old University Library, where all participants meet during coffee and lunch breaks, and for another two days in a special poster hall at the Historical Institute of the University (ca 100 m away). On Wednesday posters change their location.

The rules of the competition and the prizes will be announced after the deadline of early registrations; both depend of the number of conference participants and of posters.