Posters sessions and competition

The organisers intend to give a high rank for this part of the conference. Each poster should be in two versions, digital (with the localisation of the poster stand) and printed (with QR code to access the digital copy). Both copies should contain information about the author, with a contact data (phone, email, Skype). Digital version would be accessible for all participants of the conference, a dedicated mobile application will make it possible to comment all the posters and vote for them. Each day’s agenda (excluding Thursday) will include poster sessions which will be held in the conference rooms with IT support and short (5 minutes) presentations without discussion (see: programme). Participants will be able to use Power Point but the time will be strictly limited to 5 mintutes. Posters will be presented all the time from Monday morning to Friday evening at the second floor of the venue. On Tuesday, there will be special Poster Exhibition (18:30-19:30).

There will be prizes for the winners. 

  • 7 money prizes (750 PLN per poster)
  • At least one special prize: the winner of which will be chosen from among above mentioned seven: six-month scientific  internship in a selected Polish scientific institution (worth 24 000 PLN per person);
  • EXTRA two prizes of £ 100 each funded by Routledge Publishers

The rules of the competition are available here

Poster competition results:

  1. Patricia Aranha, Feminin geographies: social adequacy and gender role on the production of Brazilian geographical knowledge
  2. Bhaswati Pal, The Saga of Women’s Status in Ancient Indian Civilization
  3. Agnieszka Latocha, Transformations of cultural landscapes – combining old maps and modern technologies (Sudety Mts case study)
  4. Zoltán Ginelli, “The Ghana job”: Opening Hungary to the developing world
  5. Monika Kozłowska, Climate and agricultural economy in Early Modern Poland
  6. Piotr Kann, Old maps into digital: the example of „Topographic, Military and Statistical Map of Greater Poland” (1807-1812)
  7. Eavan O’Dochartaigh, The Visual Culture of the Franklin Search Expeditions to the Arctic (1847-59)