Registration for the conference should be done by filling out the online form no later than Saturday 14 October 2017 if submitting any proposal Saturday 28 October 2017 for papers and sessions and Saturday 11 November 2017 for posters. After completion of the registration process, the participant will be able to correct the given data. They must include the first and family name, email, country, status (student/unwaged/retired, other) and the type of attendance (listener, author of paper or poster, session chair). If you submit an active participation, you will need to enter a title, keywords and abstract (100-250 words) of your paper. In addition, you may add information such as affiliation, proposed assignment to the session, planned participation in the study visit and other additional information.

Submission of papers (individual and in sessions) and sessions are being registered at the same time. Authors may indicate a session in which their talk is to be presented, and the session organizer can specify which papers are to be included. This requires prior agreement between them, because list of the proposed sessions and papers will not be made available to the public prior to the verification by ISC and LOC. One session may have one or two meetings and count up to four or eight papers respectively.

All contributions submitted will be evaluated by ISC and LOC. The paper can be accepted or rejected. Author may also be asked to change the form of their presentation to a poster. Sessions with an incomplete list of papers (due to the lack of submissions or rejections of proposed papers) may be supplemented by papers with no session indicated. All these proposals will be included in the provisional conference program, and will be scheduled in its final version if there are no objections from the authors and organizers of the session.

If requested, registered participants will receive current conference information and a reminder about unpaid payments resulting from their declarations in the registration form. Information will be included in the third circular, the provisional and the final program, sent to all participants.

The conference registration fee will be 200 euro for early booking (until 31.03.2018) and 300 euro for late booking (after 31.03.2018); 50% for unwaged, including students; for one day 50% of the fee for the whole conference (for example: PhD students as early birds pay 100 euro for the week or 50 euro for one day). Price of the Gala Dinner will be 60 euro, for mid-conference study visits 50 euro (40 for early booking) and under 200 euro for the post-conference field trip.