1. Is there a word limit for a paper abstract?
    An abstract should have from 100 to 250 words.
  2. How long will the individual conference session slot last?
    Individual session will last for 90 minutes.
  3. How many papers can be accommodated in one conference session?
    One session should contain 4 papers (exceptionally even 5). It is possible to organise a session with 3 longer papers.
  4. Will there be a defined length of a session paper?
    Recommended length of one session paper is 15 minutes. It may not exceed 20 minutes.
  5. Is it allowed to present two papers in two different sessions?
    Yes, it is possible to present two papers in two different sessions.
  6. Does each individual participant have to register first and submit their own paper proposal? Or may sessions be organized on someone’s behalf?
    It is not possible to organise session on someone’s behalf. Each author have to submit their paper individually. Authors may indicate a session in which their talk is to be presented, and the session organizer can specify which papers are to be included. This requires prior agreement between them, because list of the proposed sessions and papers will not be made available to the public prior to the verification by ISC and LOC. One session may have one or two meetings and count up to four or eight papers respectively.
  7. Is it necessary to indicate a session while submitting an individual paper?
    No, it is not required to indicate a session. There is no list of proposed sessions, as they are being submitted at the same time as papers. The list will be made available to the public after the verification by ISC and LOC.
  8. When will the mid-conference field trips take place?
    All mid-conference field trips are planned for Wednesday (18.07.2017).
  9. What about QR codes on posters?
    On every poster there are going to be QR codes used for the mobile-app and poster contest. You should provide 3×3 cm space preferably on the right-bottom corner of the poster. QR codes will be placed on site by Organizers.
  10. Our presentation will have a PowerPoint.  Will there be equipment available to show the PowerPoint?  Can we run the presentation from a memory stick?
    Double yes!
  11. How much time is allowed for the presentation?
    It depends on how many papers there are in the timeslot. Each timeslot is 1,5h long, so if there are 4 papers (most common situation), you have c.a. 20 min. including some time for discussion. If 5, then c.a. 15 min including discussion.
  12. Will it be possible to connect to the internet during the presentation?
    Yes – there will be WiFi acces all around venue
  13. Is it possible to print the poster in Warsaw.  Who should we send the poster to?  When should we send the poster?

    Yes, we will send some details about it soon, so stay tuned for our e-mails or check the website from time to time