Study Visits and Fieldtrips

Mid-conference study visits:

  1. Warsaw Urban Development (Old & New Towns, Polish Residences, Saxon era, Citadel & fortifications, suburbanization). Organizers: IH PAN
  2. Świętokrzyskie (Holy Cross) Region ‒ industry from prehistoric times to the industrial revolution (Opatów silica, Kielce’s primitive smelting furnaces, Ćmielów ceramics, Old-Polish Industrial District). Organizers: KUL
  3. Łódź Textil District: cloth from the Industrial Revolution to the present day (Łódź, Zgierz, Łowicz). Organisers:
  4. Medieval cultural border today: Kuyavia, Pomerania, Prussian border area (Włocławek ‒ Strzelno ‒ Toruń). Organizers: UMK
  5. Heritage of political divisions: Golub-Dobrzyń (a double town on the border), Toruń (dialogue of cultures), Ciechocinek (White and Black Kuyavia; development of a spa town). Organizers: UMK
  6. The eastern boundary of Latin Europe: the Catholic and Orthodox Churches (Drohiczyn, Siemiaytcze: churches and monasteries; Grabarka: Orthodox Church). Organizers: UwB
  7. The eastern boundary of Latin Europe: Christianity and other religions (Supraśl: Orthodox monastery and Uniate’s church; Kruszyniany: Tatar mosque; Tykocin: synagogue, the valley of the Narew). Organizers: UwB
  8. Formation of the Polish state (Poznań – Gniezno – Ostrów Lednicki – Giecz). Organizers: UAM

Mid-conference study visits will take place on Wednesday (18.07.2018).

Cost of each visit: early birds 40 euro, later 50 euro

List of mid-conference study visits will be updated (can be shortened) after the deadline of early registrations.