Abstract evaluation & next conference

Thank you all for the proposals of sessions, posters and papers!

We have approximately 500 contributions, and the ISC has to work on their evaluation right now. You will get notification of acceptance at the turn of January and February 2018.

Moreover, there’s a chance of organizing the  next – 18th International Conference of Historical Geographers (2021).

The 2018 Local Organising Committee invites members of the Historical Geography community to consider hosting the 18th International Conference of Historical Geographers, due to take place in 2021. As in recent years, the location of future ICHG meetings was discussed at the final business meeting of the 2015 ICHG. A proposal to host the 2018 conference in Warsaw was approved.

The deadline for proposals (by e-mail to: ichg2018@ihpan.edu.pl) is 30.06.2018

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