Registration deadline extended

We would like to inform, that contribution submission deadline for ICHG 2018 has been extended to 28.10.2017 for papers and sessions and to 11.11.2017 for posters, so You have some more time to prepare and submit a paper or session and even more to submit a poster.  In order to register, you can go directly to the registration pane.

Contributions are welcome on any aspect of historical geography, including focused empirical, theoretical, and historiographical contributions to historical geography and related fields including history of cartography, history of science, and environmental history.

In addition, the participation of early career scholars (BA, MA, MSc) and postgraduate (PhD) research researchers is positively encouraged since You can apply for HGRG-ICHG grant which can finance You participation in ICHG 2018.

See You in Warsaw!

PS. Feel free to visit our facebook fanpage, where You can stay in touch with some news related with planned sessions, proposed papers and people who are going to participate in ICHG 2018.

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